Hi, I’m Christie.

I’m a writer, editor, journalist, artist, and educator in Brooklyn, New York. That’s a lot of words, so I usually just call myself a “creative consultant,” which is a highbrow way of saying I like to make things.

I also like helping writers and entrepreneurs create profitable businesses doing what they love.

Steinbeck’s pencils

Steinbeck’s pencils

Steinbeck used pencils while they were long and slender, when they felt to him to provide the correct balance—a shape that could propel him forward, like good running shoes; a size to help him pick and prod the right forms, like chopsticks.

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One scar, seven years

One scar, seven years

I used to have a scar on my left hand that reminded me of my first Thanksgiving without my mother. I wonder now if I can even call it a scar, seeing as how it’s since faded past the point of detection—then again, we all know the most unassailable wounds are often those invisible to the eye. In any case, it was there and now it’s gone. Isn’t that the entire point?

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The meteorites

The meteorites

We imagined the day the meteor struck what was now my backyard, how the shrapnel must have blown through the air like dandelion seeds, how that day had been buried by time and dirt, only to be sifted back to the surface by a biblical flood.

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online training

Be your own best editor.

Write for love, for money, for life.

Be Your Own Best Editor (BYOBE) is a 5-week online writing class. It’s for established authors who want to get (and make) more from their work, business owners who want to write copy that converts, editors who want to level up their skills and confidence, and anyone who’d like to write smarter, faster, and stronger.

Writing for love is great, but writing for a life you love is even better. BYOBE is designed to give you the tools you need to build the career of your dreams.

editing & writing services

Every builder needs a blueprint.

Whether your next creation is a story, pitch, website, or book, I can help draw the plans or even lay the bricks. 

Browse some of the specific editing and writing services I offer, or just reach out directly to tell me what you’re working on. Want to get to know me and my work a bit better? You can do that right here.

I offer free consultations on all projects.

Website, blog, and ecommerce editing.

Launching a business, updating your website, opening an online store, or looking to boost your SEO? This is my most popular service for a reason: Every great project, product, or profile needs a great site—with the right words to get people there, and then the right words to keep them.

I’ll edit, structure, and rewrite your website content to live its best life. And if you need someone who can build the framework for your site, I can take care of that, too. I build sites in WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace.

Professional editing services.


I work with authors and entrepreneurs on non-fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir, and marketing projects, as well as the occasional piece of fiction. 

I handle large-scale, developmental edits; can turn a bare outline into a print-ready piece; or can simply provide some extra polish before you send your work out into the world.


Article- and blog-writing services.

If you need an article or blog post for your site or publication, I’d be happy to oblige.

Over 15 years in the field, I’ve covered a whole lot of subjects: news and politics, arts and culture, gender and sexuality, health and environment, media and business, and probably just about any other topic you can throw at me. 

I’ve also written in a fair number of styles and genres, including hard news, opinion, criticism, analysis, narrative non-fiction, and plenty of first-person essays.

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